Here you are! Planning for your Coron getaway? Or maybe just looking for travel inspiration? Coron will give you the ultimate travel bug, no doubt!

Because of its jungle vibe, enchanting lagoons, pristine beaches, and laidback lifestyle, Palawan was once again named as “The World’s Best Island”. This not so hidden paradise is located in MIMAROPA region alongside thousands of other beautiful islands that comprises the Philippines. Palawan has been on my bucket list even before it got its world’s best title. I still remember some instances when I was scrolling through instagram and seeing foreign tourists enjoying Palawan. How could I bare not visiting the world’s best island when it’s just one short flight away from me? So when I found a good deal via Philippine Airlines, I booked with no hesitation.

Coron boasts different types of accommodation. From transient inn to hostel to hotel even up to the most luxurious resort. You can definitely find a lodge that perfectly suits your preference. If you’re looking for a place to stay in Coron, chances are you’ve already heard about The Funny Lion. It’s so easy to remember the hotel’s peculiar name. Just like you, I wondered why it’s called The Funny Lion. We’ll know when we arrive in Coron.


Minimalist with a jungle vibe. The hotel’s reception area can accomodate a number of guests albeit the limited space. It serves as the hotel’s main gate as well. We were welcomed with a refreshing cold drink while waiting for our turn to check in. Unfortunately, our arrival was earlier than the standard check in time so they kindly asked us to wait for atleast an hour before our room was ready. We decided to leave our luggage at the reception area and took a tricyle to town to have a good lunch! Hopefully, our room will be ready by the time we come back. We had an amazing lunch at Lobster King which I mentioned in my post 8 Must-Try Restaurants in Coron.


Coming back to the hotel, we were ushered to our spacious room with earth toned color palette. There was a balloon that says “Your adventure starts here”, two bandanas, a drawstring brag – all part of the welcome gift. The eco-friendly tote can be used whilst staying in the resort. However, if you’d like to take it home, it’s for sale for a minimal fee. The warm yellow lamps really set up the room to feel so cozy! I have to mention how comfy the bed was plus the cold white sheets and fluffy pillows. I just literally wanted to snuggle in bed all day. We ate our delicious welcome desserts stored in the mini fridge while watching a movie. Now, we’re officially on a holiday!

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We always walk past these animal statues in the hotel’s hallway. Since we weren’t going to the Calauit Safari Tour to feed giraffes, we opted to have a photo opt in the hotel instead. This will do for now!


Another favorite hotel amenity of ours was the swimming pool with jacuzzi. This might be where we spent most of our time during our stay. It is located beside the hotel’s main restaurant and is surrounded with lush greens. This is where you get the most ‘jungle vibe’out of all the hotel’s area. We had a lot of underwater and half shots in this pool that didn’t make it to instagram! At around 3pm, we decided to go to the hotel’s rooftop where the Pride Deck Bar is located. We enjoyed Safari cocktails, margerita pizza, and some chili cheese sticks while relaxing in the warm jacuzzi and watching as the sun sets. You can find a short review of Pride Deck Bar in my article 8 Must Try Restaurants in Coron, Palawan.

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Another thing both of us enjoyed was the breakfast. The breakfast buffet had a lot of variety. The Funny Lion can surely provide you whatever breakfast food you want. While there are healthy options, I chose to have waffles, rice, loads of bacon and sausages, ham and cheese omelette from the live cooking egg station and all that good stuff. I know, so much overeating! But hey, it’s breakfast and we’re going on an island hopping the whole day so…we’ll be burning those calories anyway.

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I booked directly through their website to avail of the best rate which includes breakfast and roundtrip airport transfers to avoid any hassle. Upon arrival, their third party transportation service awaits us outside the airport. We shared the van with other guests staying at different hotels. If you’re booking does not include airport to hotel tranfers or vice versa, I believe one way trip costs around Php200-300 per person. It’s better to book transfers directly with the hotel to ensure safety. The airport is located around 30 minutes drive away from the hotel. Enjoy the views while on the road!

The location is quite far from the center. The good thing is, there’s always a tricylce available outside the hotel or you can have the staff call one for you. It’s much cheaper if you call a tricyle on your own. One ride to the town costs around Php10/person. The downside of the location is transportation, although cheap, could add up quickly to your expenses.

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If you’re looking for a quality boutique hotel with complete amenities, then The Funny Lion would be a perfect choice. Some people comment about the hotel having a ‘Bali vibe’ in it. To be honest, that is true. Since the place is surrounded with lush greens, it makes it so easy to feel relaxed. Add up the magnificent view of Coron Bay from the rooftop. No wonder the hotel has a lot of foreign guests checked in. The service was okay. Not very good but I have nothing negative to say about. I think this hotel would be perfect for couples or group of friends.

What do you think of The Funny Lion hotel? Would you stay here or would you rather stay in a basic lodging when island hopping?

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