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1. Make a List

One of the most exciting things to do when ‘BER’ months arrive is to list down the names and gift ideas that you have for your family and friends. Making a list will give you an overview of the total amount of money that you will be needing for Christmas Gifts especially if you’re eyeing to give some big-ticket items such as designer bag or clothing or luxury jewelry. Then, you can move on to the next step…

2. Include it in your monthly budget

Now that you already know how much money you need to save for Christmas Gifts, it’s time to include in your monthly budget. My tip is, start ASAP. If you want a bigger savings fund for Christmas, might as well start saving as early as January. It’s like being your own Santa!

3. Buy gifts early

Buying gifts doesn’t have to be in November or December. You can start buying gifts anytime of the year. I like buying Christmas gifts as early as September or October. These are the first two months in the ‘BER’ months and I always associate ber months that Christmas is just around the corner. Buying Christmas gifts earlier than usual not only saves you money, but also saves you time and hassle. I remember doing last minute shopping last Christmas and I really did ask myself “Why am I buying Christmas gifts only now??” The malls were jam-packed and I’m not really a fan of crowded places. Imagine having to decide which color or design to buy when you only have a limited amount of time. It was stressful! From that experience, I decided to buy Christmas gifts early to avoid the Christmas rush.

4. Find Good Deals

Buying gifts earlier than December allows you to do some canvassing before making a purchase. Having a Christmas fund any time of the year comes really handy when you find unexpected great deals online or at the mall. I actually just bought some goodies from the Bath & Body Works sale. So many great and irresistible deals like Buy One Get One Free. I feel like they make great gifts for people who like to pamper themselves. I’m wrapping them up to give as Christmas gifts. It feels good to gift something nice and well thought for that particular person rather than gifting for the sake of gifting if you know what I mean.

5. Use Cashback

Lastly, you don’t want to miss out on this tip! Use cashback! There are a lot of reliable cashback apps or sites that you can use depending on your country. In the Philippines, we use SHOPBACK. I’ve been using shopback for more than a year for my Lazada and Shopee purchases. You can you it in stores such as Adidas. Currently, I have accumulated almost Php1,000 cashback which I find amazing! Cashback can range from 1% to 10% of the amount that you spent. Think of it as a discount!

How do you save up for Christmas?


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