52 week savings challenge philippines

I made this fun colored templates for anyone interested to do the 52 week saving challenge. The currency is in Philippine Pesos. I designed it backwards (starting from the highest amount of deposit to smallest). I think it’s just easier this way.

If you did the 52-week money challenge, you should have this amount by the end of 2020.

P20 Savings Challenge = 27,560

P50 Savings Challenge = 68,990

How to be successful in 52 week savings challenge?

First, identify your goal. What are you saving up for? Where would you like to use the money saved? It could be to fund up your Emergency Fund, to use for the Christmas Season in general such as gifts for family, or it can be for travel getaway. Whatever excites and motivates you to save!

What happens if you miss a deposit?

Don’t stop! People usually stop the challenge when they miss a few deposits. My tip is KEEP GOING! You can always catch up on savings if you have some excess money. And even if you don’t achieve the goal amount, accomplishing 50% or 75% of the money challenge is still a chunk of savings. It matters!

Click the template below and print it. Don’t forget to share it with your family and friends. It’s more fun to do the money challenge with someone! Good luck!

FREE Template for 20 Pesos Savings Challenge

52_week_savings_challenge free template 20 pesos 2020 philippines

FREE Template for 50 Pesos Savings Challenge

52_week_savings_challenge free template philippines

Have you done the 52-week savings challenge before? How was it?


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