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I fell in love with traveling when I was in college. My friends and I visited a famous surfing spot in the Philippines — Baler, on September 2013. Although news warned everyone to stay indoors due to an upcoming typhoon, we continued to travel and drove 6 hours from Manila to get to our destination. We had the energy of that a typical college student – carefree, restless, and hungry for experience. We didn’t have any itinerary, no hotel bookings & no idea if there were restaurants in the area. We just wanted to be in the ocean, surf and make the most out of our semestral break. The 3ft waves greeted us upon arrival and since none of us had any idea about surfing, nobody knew that a 3ft wave can wipe an amateur surfer out of the ocean. We had to learn that by experience. We decided to rent one bedroom located along Sabang beach. We were seven, btw. To cut it short, our four day stay in Baler consist of loads of laughter, surfing, climbing one of the oldest trees in the Philippines, chasing waterfalls, getting to know people from around the world (which is my favorite part about traveling), trying out restaurants (there were no food guides back then) and basically enjoying every bit of what life has to offer. It was the type of experience that you crave when you get home. It was an experience I could still remember so vividly afer 7 years. I wanted to do it again. I wanted to live more. I wanted to travel.

This blog which was previously called ‘The Travelling Mermaid’ is a collection of all of my travel experiences around the globe. I created this blog to document and share my discovery of beautiful places, unforgettable experiences, and basically anything that sparks my wanderlust. I love the thought of scrolling through this website anytime, look back to those beautiful memories captured and turned into photos, and read about the story behind it.

 Countries I’ve Visited

Asia:10                   32.26%

Middle East:4       19.05%

Total Visited:14    6.48%


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