playa la caleta bataan

playa la caleta beachfront in morong bataan

Playa La Caleta is an island resort located in Morong, Bataan. If you’re going here on a private car please DO NOT USE GOOGLE MAPS or you’ll end up heading to the nuclear power plant like we did even after asking a few locals where this resort is. Apparently Playa La Caleta is a new resort and not known to most of the locals in Morong. Turns out, you have to ride the boat from Bagac, Bataan to get here. So we went back and parked our car in Fajardo’s resort for Php300 for the whole day. Expensive. But at least it’s not required to rent one of their cottages unlike some of their neighboring resorts.

Boat cost: Php1800/10 pax or less | Duration: Short. Just enjoy the ocean.Boat going to playa la caleta


We were here only for a day tour so we rented one of their Gazebos for Php1,500. Cottage is around Php2,000 and is best for big groups. For overnight travelers you can also sleep in the Gazebo for additional Php500 inclusive of mosquito net. If you don’t have your own tent, you can rent one from the resort for an affordable price.

I’m not sure if the entrance fee for people with reservation is free. We were walk in guests and we were charged of a Walk-in entrance fee of Php200/head.


The resort has a lot to offer as seen on the picture below. But most of the activities are not yet available since the resort has not been fully developed just yet. We were actually excited for the huge slide and the fun inflatables but unfortunately they’re not available during our stay. I know, ugh. There was also no pawikan interaction as seen on their facebook advertisment. Double ugh. One worker from the resort even joked “Coming soon pa ‘yon Ma’am!”. The biggest downfall of staying in this resort is the on going construction of bar and restaurant. We went in Playa La Caleta as walk in guests without further research since “spontaneous trips are the best trips”. So we had no lunch packed. The receptionist said that lunch is only available for guests who booked at least a day before so they have time to prepare. My cousin and I exchanged looks (NO YUMMY SEAFOOD?!?!) We tried to work with what they have in their little convenient store.

playa la caleta activitiesplaya la caleta restaurant

Our version of “Spicy Seafood” . So good! lol.

Lack of activities and food didn’t hinder us from enjoying this hidden little resort. Paddle board and kayak were available. We chose to go kayaking since it’s very suitable for the calm waters of Morong, Bataan.

Kayak: 350/hr for two persons. 

kayaking in playa la caleta bataanplaya la caleta water activities

The story behind the photo above; It was our first time to try kayaking. We signed the waiver without reading it. No orientation was given so we thought we could go anywhere. There was no boundary, you know like the floating balls you usually see on the beach. So we headed towards the West Philippine Sea, kayak as far as we could with the next island on sight as our target destination. Oh. That looks near.

I could see the Nuclear Power Plant in a lego size, a bit of the shore…I think we’re good.

Thirty minutes later, after a non-stop kayaking. Our arms got tired so we went for a short pause in the middle of the sea. We heard continuous whistling and saw a fast boat approaching.

Oh dear, it’s a freakin’ rescue boat!

I can’t believe we were being rescued. The lifeguard said they thought we drowned or got eaten by the sharks or something since they could hardly see us from the resort. My main concern was, there are sharks? lol. This actually ended up as the highlight of our trip.

Lastly, if you’re here for just pure relaxation, feel free to stay at your gazebo/cottage with hammock, read a book and enjoy the ocean view, or just take pictures. πŸ˜‰

playa la caleta bataan

blue umbrella on the beachgirl sitting on a rock beachgirl in playa la caleta bataan


My honest take on Playa La Caleta? Huge potential once it becomes fully operational. Beautiful beach but not white. Don’t be fooled by the over exposed photos. Right now, the place is excellent for people who want to camp on the beach, grill some BBQ and spend the night watching stars or maybe have a bonfire with friends. Budget friendly too!

P.S. There’s a chance on being stranded during the rainy season. If the rain’s too hard, small boats won’t be able to bring travelers back to Bagac right on schedule.



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